From freelancers, service companies, and even corporate innovation teams – here at the Factory, we welcome everyone. 🏳️‍🌈

  • We moved back to Grand Rapids in 2014 from Nashville and had worked in co-working spaces there. When we moved back we tried to work from home and coffee shops, but there was something missing. Five months after moving, we joined the Factory and it was like: duh, what’s missing is this community!

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    Leanna Pelham

    Factory Member

  • I did a tour of the space and fell in love, plus it’s nice to work in a tech-focused environment, and feels comfortable after spending so many years in silicon valley. Now that I’m a member I love being involved in the happenings of the Factory community and seeing familiar faces when I go into “the office” a few days a week.

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    Kristen Rampe

    Factory Member