The Factory is Blogging

For a long time, The Factory has considered adding a blog to our website. However, we knew that we did not want just another empty blog that goes stale after a couple of months (the Internet has enough of those).

However, as our family at The Factory has grown, the interesting activities that are going on at The Factory, as well as with our members, has risen dramatically. We receive questions every week about what our members are up to, what events are happening, and what kinds of things are coming up.

So, we’ve decided to start the blog as a way of allowing us to share what is going on at The Factory as well as with our members.

The Factory Blog Managing Editor is Really Tough

Every week we’ll post content about the Factory and its members. For instance, we are starting a weekly post called, aptly, Weekly News, where we will share brief links and descriptions about recent news that our members want to share with the community.

In addition, we’ll have weekly posts about member profiles, coLearning, exciting news, and more. We’ll even have guest posts from some of our members.

Though it might have been a long time coming, we’re excited about being able to share information about what our members are up to and the great work that they are doing.