We’re Growing…

We’re very happy to share that The Factory has reached its highest total membership ever! We’ve got 70+ members now and receive >10 visitors a day checking out the space. In addition, we’ve got many groups using our conferences room for workshops, seminars and meetings. CoLearning is happening two nights a week. We’ve got many great monthly meetups using the space including GRWebDev, WMRUG, GrPHPDev and more. The place is bustling!

It takes a lot to keep a coworking space going and at The Factory, we share this responsibility among all the members. Every member takes ownership in helping The Factory remain a safe, clean and comfortable work environment. Sometimes, this is fun and other times, it means some sacrifice, but the result is a great place to come to work and relationships with great people.

Ok, we’ll stop patting ourselves on the back. There are still lots of goals we are trying to achieve: CoLearning, even more memberships, space modifications, etc. so we can’t stop to rest quite yet. Look for more updates on these initiatives in the future.