coLearning visits Thinkbox Creative

One of the many great experiences of the coLearning program is the site visits that coLearners get to make to local businesses. These visits are opportunities for the the students to discover more about the important processes and approaches that local software development and design companies are using in their own environment.

The latest studio tour was an on-site visit at Thinkbox Creative (TC). TC is a design and development studio with an office located on Front Street near downtown Grand Rapids. One of the partners, Brian Dokter (@briandokter) and business development specialist Jonathan Williams (@jonathanewill) were the hosts. The coLearners also heard from a few individuals on their team, including one of our past coLearners, Jeremy Abrahams (@jeremyabrahams). Jeremy is now a full-time developer at TC. They shared about their process, their team structure and the balance of side project and startup work that they’ve got going.

“Learning about how Thinkbox Creative approaches their projects and their development was fascinating. The team was very open to sharing their experiences with the class and answering our questions,” said Fred Polk (@oneblackcrayon), a coLearner. “They shared what they have learned and what we as practitioners could take away. The opportunity to hear how they develop relationships with their clients and utilize the different technology platforms available to build solutions was great.”

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