Town Hall Meeting for January 2022

Town Hall Meeting for January 2022

Our January 6th, 2022 town hall meeting we discussed our upcoming move to our new space at 77 Monroe Center, our new blog (this one you are currently reading), and some other tidbits.

Specifics about the space:

  • We have the entire floor!
  • 6 private offices
  • Month to month rent (prices laid out on the powerpoint)
  • Flexible with lease signing and price negotiations
  • Fully Furnished
  • Lockable
  • 5 video call booths
  • Conference rooms
  • 3 small conference rooms
  • 1 large conference rooms
  • We will still use JOAN as our reservation system for these!
  • Resident notes
  • Resident seats will line the windows in both open sections.
  • Seats will be chosen based on seniority (we will do our best to make everyone happy and to keep those at the windows the same!)
  • Bathrooms
  • 4 individual bathrooms
  • One including a shower! (more info to come regarding this)
  • All will have the lock that shows whether it is vacant or occupied

Change of Address Slips


  • We do have a large block of spots at two garages
  • Monroe Center Ramp; attached to the building at $150 per month
  • Ottawa Fulton Ramp; across the street at $140 per month
  • These are available to anyone!
  • These prices are not marked up, as we will be paying that amount for staff parking!


  • Dates we’ll be closed: Late February or Early March 2022
  • We will have information coming regarding the move of residents belongings!
  • Opening Date: March 2022

The Factory Blog

  • The blog is live!
  • Frederick has worked hard to update the site, as well as upload 2 articles ready to be seen!

Coffee Table Memory book

  • Please send me any photos you have from the space!

Move Out Party

  • I’ll be sending out a survey regarding the scheduling of the party
  • Most likely the first or second week of February!
  • One last memory in the space 🙂