Expert Series are back!

In years past, we held periodic Expert Series for our community to share our collective knowledge and expertise over a lunch hour. It was great to hear and learn about what our members did for work, their hobbies and hustles, and enjoyment. This year, we are exited to bring the series back with an updated look and new experts. Take a look below to see what we have planned for April, May, and June 2022.

Andrew Kingston: Facebook is dead. Long live Facebook.

April 20, 2022 at 12PM EST on Zoom.

Expert Series graphic for Andrew Kingston
Expert Series graphic for Andrew Kingston

Andrew Kingston is a former financial analysts & startup founder from Ireland. He will be helping us learn about Facebook Ads. “I’d focus on showing novices how to get started with Facebook Ads and show more advanced strategies for those who have used Facebook Ads before. I will also share examples of successful ads and explain best practices for creatives and copywriting.”

Jason Schuurman: Chinese is easier than you think.

May 18, 2022 at 12PM EST on Zoom.

Expert Series graphic for Jason Schuurman
Expert Series graphic for Jason Schuurman

Jason Schuurman is the COO & Product Manager at Yoyo Chinese Inc, will be showing us that learning Chinese isn’t as hard as we believe it to be. “A Chinese language learning workshop for complete newbies after which participants will understand a lot more about how Chinese works and even know a few words. Learning even a little bit about another language goes a long ways in terms of bridging cultural divides and bringing people together.”

Timothy Haines: Confessions of an Entrepreneur.

June 15, 2022 at 12PM EST on Zoom.

Expert Series graphic for Timothy Haines
Expert Series graphic for Timothy Haines

Timothy Haines of Symposia Labs will be speaking on his experiences as an Entrepreneur. “The mistakes I’ve made in the last 10 years as a marketing agency founder an entrepreneur AND what you should learn from them.”

More to come

We have more Expert Series talks planned for the future including a special appearance by Creative Mornings at our new location of 77 Monroe Center NW, Suite 600. If you are interested in watching a previous, exclusive Pandemic/Lockdown era Expert Series talks by accountant Scott Stancil of Hoerner & Geer, please click here or a talk by member & Remote Work Enthusiast Nancy Wood, click here.

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