The Factory Town Hall January 2023

The Factory Town Hall January 2023

On Thursday January 19, 2022, The Factory held its quarterly Town Hall meeting to discuss updates to amenities and services, feedback on upcoming additions, and a few other tidbits. We’ve also included a transcript of the video.

Summary of our January 2023 Town Hall


Last meeting follow ups
Last meeting follow ups


  • New website
  • Recycling started
  • Decals for the conference rooms!
  • Limit conference room to 2 hours/day
  • Beer:30 last Friday of month – thank you BarFly
  • Added a monitor to a call room

The Space

The Space
The Space
  • Who likes art?
  • Add some cushions
  • Event chalk boards is back
  • Limit conference room to 2 hours/day
  • Figuring out quiet area for working
  • Recycling

The building provides paper/cardboard recycling. We will have a second recycling can for plastics, metals, and glass. Please watch what recycling you are putting where!! All bins are near the beer fridge. There is also a recycling guide posted around the kitchen, please take a look at that. Lauren will be dropping off recyclables at a recycling center.

Member engagement opportunity

Headshots with Greg
Headshots with Greg

Headshots with Ghering Media!!
Our very own Greg Ghering has offered FREE headshots for Factory members! On Wednesday February 8th, Greg will set up in the Learning Center. Sign-up sheet + more details coming soon.

Community Activities

Community stuff
Community stuff
  • We got more forks!
  • Moved a monitor into a video conference room
  • Mail system is up + extra slots; reach out if you’re interested in a mailbox!
  • Will be adding an event chalkboard near the kitchen area
  • Beer fridge is here! All drinks must stay within The Factory

What’s Next at The Factory

Whats' coming next
Whats’ coming next
  • February Chili Cookoff
  • March – Arcade Room GRBC
  • April – Factory OpenHouse/ Reunion/Homecoming
  • May – karaoke
  • June – suggestions?