The Factory Reunion

We invited as many former and current members of The Factory for a fun afternoon & evening full of laughs, food, and memories.

On a sunny day in April 2023, we held our first Factory Reunion! With food and laughs, we celebrated our community and its members, the journeys, and our new space. It was a great afternoon seeing old friends and connecting with new members. Here are a few photos and quotes:

The event had a great turn out with many past and current members in attendance. It was great to reconnect with old coworkers and meet new ones as well as to get acquainted with the new space. Attending the reunion and rekindling these friendships has led me to rejoining The Factory on a part time basis. I couldn’t be happier to be back.

Amelie Watt

It was a good time – got to meet some new folks and see some old friends I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Plus tons of pizza varieties was great 🙂

Dave Brondsema

Factory Members are just some of the most fun people, they all do such different and interesting work but want to be around people and have that social aspect to their day. So, when you have an event that brings back a bunch of former members who left because they moved or changed jobs you end up with a huge party that’s all killer no filler! And the cherry on top of the event was of course the themed puzzles and trivia by Factory Member Jonathan Chaffer! Just another fun reminder at how much better coming to the Factory is than always working from home 🙂

Leanna Pelham

Loved it! A chance to see old Factory Friends was the highlight of my month. Having been a member for 8 years or so, I’ve built a lot of relationships at the Factory, and reconnecting with those who have moved on to new work locations was so fulfilling. I hope we have another well-attended reunion in the future!

Kristen Rampe

It was great, awesome to have some personal time with the folks you share a space with.

Trent Nielsen

As the longest standing coworking space in West Michigan, we’ve had a lot of faces come though our doors. And after a decade of making connections, we knew we had to invite back our community and create the opportunity to reconnect. From our weekly newsletter, The Factory Haps, we had a large collection of contacts to reach out to. Over the 4 hours of our reunion we had ~55 current and former members join us and see our new location. During that time we had food, drinks, games, prizes, and most importantly, community.

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