Expert Series – Just My Type with Noah Jacobus

Expert Series – Just My Type with Noah Jacobus

Who knew that building your own custom keyboard would be so rewarding! Well our community member & Icon Sommelier Noah Jacobus did and we all had a great time!

Back in August 2023, our community had the opportunity to learn first hand about the niche keyboard hobby by our very own Noah Jacobus. Noah who is a Senior Icon Designer at Font Awesome by career and music educator, retro handheld gaming enthusiast when ever he is not obsessing over the details of a well design icon. We were also treated with a community-involved keyboard building session during the talk with one of our smallest and youngest Factory members walking away with a keyboard.

We have added a few links to get you up to speed with some of the terminology of mechanical keyboards and places where you can start your journey into the custom keyboard community.

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